Iran Gold Pahlavi

  • Mint: Security Printing and Minting Organization (SPMO)
  • First mint: SH1324 (1945)
  • Last mint: SH1358 (1979)
  • Denominations: Quarter, half, one, two-and-a-half, five and ten Gold Pahlavi
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The Iran gold Pahlavi coin derives its name from the last Irani shah (king), Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He was from the Pahlavi dynasty, which reigned over Iran for over half a century (1925 – 1979) before the Islamist Revolution overthrew the monarchy. During the Pahlavi reign, the Shah commissioned the minting of various gold coins, which bore his likeness.

The denominations include the quarter, half, one, two-and-a-half, five and ten Pahlavi. The mint years begin with the abbreviation SH denoting the Solar Hijri calendar, which was based on the solar as opposed to the lunar years. The quarter Pahlavi was minted between SH1332 and SH1358. It contains 0.0589 t/oz and has a diameter of 13 millimeters. The minting of the half Pahlavi was between SH1324 and SH1358. With an 18-millimeter diameter, its gold content is 0.1177 t/oz. Between the same period, the Pahlavi with a 20-millimeter diameter and 0.2354 t/oz was unveiled. The two-and-a-half Pahlavi measures 27 millimeters in diameter and contains 0.5885 t/oz gold content. The same period saw the release of the 5 Pahlavi with 1.1771 t/oz gold with a diameter of 39 millimeters. The 10 Pahlavi is 47 millimeters wide, has 2.3541 t/oz gold and was produced between SH1339 and SH1358. In Gregorian calendar the Irani gold Pahlavi coins were minted between 1945 (SH1324) and 1979 (SH1358).

The Iran gold Pahlavi coin has a plain obverse that contains the effigy of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi facing left. On its reverse is the emblem depicting the 2500th anniversary since the founding of the Persian Empire. The reverse also features an intricate border that surrounds the cylinder of the Persian Empire’s founder, Cyrus.

Investors intending to trade in the Iran gold Pahlavi coin should look out for the SH1336 and SH1358 quarter Pahlavi, the SH1332 half Pahlavi, the SH1332 Pahlavi, the SH1342 two-and-a-half Pahlavi, the SH1342 5 Pahlavi and the SH1358 10 Pahlavi. If fully uncirculated, these coins US$ 150 and US$150, US$750, US$1500, US$2000, US$4000 and US$1000 above the base value. The Iran gold Pahlavi coin is minted by the state-owned Security Printing and Minting Organization (SPMO), which was established in 1877.

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