Turkey Gold Lira

  • Weighs up to 8.2gm
  • Available in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 coins
  • Manufactured in 2009. Turkish State Mint
  • Diameter 26.15mm
  • Thickness 1.95mm
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The Turkey Gold Lira coin is a major component of Turkey’s overall economy. From extraction to refining, through an exchange bourse and futures trading, and an active precious metal import and export trade, the country’s gold market is a perfect example of a vertically integrated commodities market. Among the general population, bars of gold are kept as stores of value against an unstable currency in an economy that has experienced more than its share of taxing inflation and diminishing currency values over the years.

The front, or obverse of the Turkey Gold Lira coin depicts the symbol of the earlier ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Toughra, which is circled by sprigs and stars. The gold Lira was launched officially as the country’s currency in 1844 and replaced the Kurus, which was circulating at the time. It was worth 6.6 grams of pure gold. The Turkey Gold Lira coin was minted with both artistic and historic designs in mind. It’s not hard to imagine why they rank among the most popular among the stable of the world’s gold coins. For connoisseurs of Middle Eastern gold, the Turkey Gold Lira coin is among the finest available.

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1 Lira, 10 Lira, 25 Lira, 5 Lira, 50 Lira




Turkish State Mint