Isle of Man Gold Sovereign

  • Diameter: 22.05mm.
  • Weight: 7.98g.
  • Mint: Pobjoy Mint.
  • Tax Status: VAT free and Capital Gains Tax exempt.
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The Isle of Man Gold Sovereign coin has been issued ever since 1973 by the Pobjoy Mint which was established in 1970. Isle of Man is a small Island that is found in the Irish Sea which has been under the influence of Norse for a very long time. Isle of Man Gold Sovereign resemble the traditional standards of their mainland United Kingdom equivalents. They are used as a bullion coin in the entire of the world today, a main area of focus by investors who are on the look for where to get higher profits.

The Isle of Man Gold Sovereign comes in denominations of Full Sovereign, Half Sovereign, Double Sovereign and Quintuple Sovereign. This precious coin weighs 7.98g and it is 91.67% pure gold. Furthermore, it is 22.05mm in diameter and 1.52mm thick. Like many other gold coins, Isle of Man Gold Sovereign’s actual value is worth more than its face value. Majority of investors love trading in this coin whose value keeps increasing almost on a daily basis. Their price is determined in the gold market depending with the demand and the gold content in it.

The obverse of the Isle of Man Gold Sovereign depicts Queen Elizabeth II at its center. The left of this depiction has the inscription “ISLE OF MAN”. The inscription “ELIZABETH II” forms an arc on the right of the obverse. The reverse has a Norse Warrior mimicking St. George on a horse back. The warrior has a sword in the right hand while holding the horse saddle with the left hand. Unlike St. George, this Norse Warrior is dressed in a full warrior clothing including shoes. At the bottom center, the year of mintage is inscribed adjacent to the initials P.M which denotes the Pobjoy Mint.

Isle of Man Gold Sovereign was mint in 1973 using the same design as that used in minting the British Gold coins mainly because Isle of Man was a British colony. The mint had been in existence long before 1973 but was involved in minting other types of coins and only started minting Isle of Man Gold Sovereign in 1973.

Additional information

Country of Origin

Isle of Man




22.05 mm


Pobjoy Mint

Pure Gold Content

0.0916 Troy oz






7.988 gm