Isle of Man Gold Half Sovereign

  • Diameter: 19.30mm
  • Weight: 3.99g
  • Mint: Pobjoy Mint
  • Tax Status: Free from sales tax or VAT
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The Isle of Man Gold Half Sovereign coin is a product of the Pobjoy Mint in the United Kingdom. It is a precious metal that occurs both in gold and silver. They have been minted since 1965 up to date. Half Gold Sovereign coins were first introduced in the United Kingdom and the knowledge of how to mint them transferred to Isle Of Man Island by the British government.

This precious metal, just like other precious metal has a quite higher value than their face values. Their face value are half that of a sovereign. They have been issued only in limited quantities as a commemorative coin with a sale price and resale value far in excess of its face value. They are used as bullion coins. Their prices are determined by the world gold spot prices which keep fluctuating depending with the levels of demand and their gold content. They are 91.67 pure gold with a width of 19.30mm. They weigh 3.99g and span 1.02mm in thickness.

The depiction of the obverse of Isle of Man Gold Half Sovereign coin differs according to the year of mintage. However, the most common obverse features an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The inscription “ISLE OF MAN” appears on the left of this depiction while the inscription “ELIZABETH II” appears on the right. The reverse features a Norse Warrior on a horse back resembling that of St. George on the British Gold coins. This warrior is in a full warrior attire with a sword in his right hand. This depiction is a true depiction of this warrior in the war field. At the bottom center of this reverse side appears the year of mintage. The initials P.M appears towards the right of the year of mintage which denotes the mint that struck them, Pobjoy Mint.

The Isle of Man Gold Half Sovereign was first struck by Pobjoy Mint in 1965, recently the coins are being issued in limited quantities. This precious coins are not subjected to sales tax or VAT but rather trading is free provided you have the cost of purchasing them.

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Isle of Man






Pobjoy Mint






Half Sovereign