Australian Gold Year of the Dragon

  • Mint Year: 2011 (Second Series)
  • Denominations: 1, ½, ¼, 1/10 and 1/20 oz coins
  • Face Values: 100, 50, 25, 15, and 5 AUD
  • Mint: Perth Mint
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In the second phase of minting coinage associated with the ancient, 12-year Chinese zodiac tradition that follows the Lunar Calendar, the Perth Mint released the Australian Gold Year of the Dragon coin on September 1, 2011. However, the coin is generally considered to have been issued in 2012, which was the Year of the Dragon.

The coins were issued in five denominations of 1-, ½-, ¼-, one-tenth- and one-twentieth-ounce coins. the coins have face values of 100, 50, 25, 15, and 5 Australian dollars respectively and are all legal tender. The respective mintage of these 24-carat, .9999 gold fine coins was limited to 3000, 5000, 5000 and 3000 respectively. In the same order, the Australian Gold Year of the Dragon coins have gross weights of 31.112g, 15.55g, 7.777g and 3.111g. They are 2.50mm, 1.6mm, 2.20mm, 2.00mm and 1.40mm thick respectively.

Except for their corresponding face value inscriptions, the obverse of all Australian Gold Year of the Dragon coins feature the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II facing to the right and adorned with a crown. The inscription, “IRB” is at the neckline of the effigy denoting its designer, Ian Rank-Broadley. The text, “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA” hovers clockwise on the upper half of the coins and around the effigy to the top. The other text, “1OZ 9999 GOLD 2012 [FACE VALUE] DOLLARS”, runs anticlockwise below the effigy. The reverses of the coins contain the serpent-like four-legged dragon with its head turned to the right and seemingly spitting fire. Its tail is between its right front leg and its left back leg all turned to the left with the dragon occupying about three-quarters of the coin on the upper section. The Chinese symbol of the dragon is above the text, “Year of the Dragon” while the letter, “P” for Perth Mint is halfway to the right edge of the coin.

All the Australian Gold Year of the Dragon coins were minted by Perth Mint, which is the official Australian bullion mint. It was founded on June 20 1899 and was the last of the UK Royal Mint’s colonial branches after Sydney and Melbourne closed.

Additional information


The Perth Mint

Country of Origin





3.111 gm, 31.11 gm, 7.777 gm

Pure Gold Content

0.10 Troy oz, 0.25 Troy oz, 1 Troy oz




18.60 mm, 22.60 mm, 39.34 mm


999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


$100 AUD, $15 AUD, $25 AUD