Portugal Silver Reis

  • Original Release: 1380
  • Denominations: 50 reis, 100 reis, 200 reis, 500 reis ,1000 reis
  • Silver Fineness: 91.7%
  • Tax Status: No sales tax.
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Buy Portugal Silver Reis coins online. The first Portuguese Silver Reis (singular: real- which means royal), was introduced in 1380 by Ferdinand I. It was the unit of currency of Portugal from 1430 until 1911, replacing the dinheiro. The Portuguese silver reis coin had different denominations; 50 reis, 100 reis, 200 reis, 500 reis and 1000 reis. It was later replaced by the escudo as a result of the Republican revolution that took place in 1910. Coinage of the silver reis ceased after introduction of the euro.

For the 200 reis, which is the commonly used denomination, has a diameter of 24 millimeters. It has a reeded edge and a thickness of 1.4 millimeters. The gross weight of the coin is 5 grams and has a silver purity of .917. The obverse of the coin portrays the effigy of King Manuel II of Portugal, facing the left. On the lower part of the King’s neck, the designer’s name is engraved. The text “EMANVEL II • PORTVG: ET • ALGARB: REX’ is inscribed on the coin from the bottom-left of the coin to the bottom-right of the coin. At the bottom-center of the coin, the year of production of the coin is engraved; for example “1909”, for the silver reis coinage that was done in the year 1909. Two five-pointed stars are beside the inscription of the year, separating the year from the text along the edge of the coin.

The reverse of the Portugal Silver Reis coin has the face value of the coin centrally inscribed, “200” with “REIS” just below the face value. A crown is directly above the face value and contains a cross, the Order of Christ cross, at the top. The Order of Christ was a Portuguese variant of the Crusader Knights Templar. Two wreaths, which are crossing each other, are tied at the base. One wreath is from the left while the other is from the right side.

The Portuguese Silver Reis was produced in Portugal and Brazil. Being a legal tender currency, no taxing was imposed to traders of the coin. Thus, collectors and investors can buy Portugal Silver Reis coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT.  A Portuguese gold Reis coin is also available.

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Silver Ag 917


100 Reis, 200 Reis, 40 Reis, 400 Reis, 50 Reis