Netherlands Silver Gulden

  • Minter: Royal Dutch Mint
  • First mint: 1680
  • Silver content: (0.910 fineness)
  • Sales tax or VAT nonexempt
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The Netherlands Silver Gulden coin has perhaps the richest and longest history in the coin collection and investment circles. In 1680, the then States of Holland and West Friesland minted a silver coin that weighed 10.61 grams and had a silver fineness of 0.910. The very first version of the silver gulden had a standing engraving of Pallas Athena with a hatted-spear in the right hand. Her left arm was on the Gospels. The gulden (guilder in Dutch) was a replacement of the denominations of silver coins that were in circulation in the United Netherlands prior, which included the silver ducat.

The standard silver edition of the Netherlands Silver Gulden coin was minted in 1840. The 3 silver guilder coin was then substituted with the 2.5 guilder coin to mark this silver weight adjustment. All silver coin production was stopped for coins that had values in excess of 10 cents by 1874. However, this was reinstated in the 1890s and the cupro-nickel pieces replaced the silver gulden 5-cent coins. The German occupation in 1941 led to a cessation of all previous coin minting.

The US continued minting pre-War 1 guilder, 25 cent and 10 cent silver coins in large quantities from 1943 to 1945. The silver 1 gulden coin was not reintroduced until 1954 while minting of the silver 2.5 guilder coin resumed five years later. The nickel replaced the silver gulden in 1967. Minting of the silver 2.5 gulden silver coins continued during 1967 and 1968. The eventual demonetization of silver coins happened in 1973.

The Netherlands silver gulden weighs about 6.5 grams and has net silver content of 0.21 oz with a 0.720 fineness. This round-shaped coin has a diameter of 25.00 millimeters and a thickness of 1.78 millimeters. Minted by the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands Silver Gulden bears the effigy of Juliana of the Netherlands facing to the right and surrounded by the inscription, “JULIANA KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN”. The reverse has the coat of arms dividing the year towards the top and the “1 G” inscriptions in the middle. The inscription at the bottom reads, “NEDERLAND”. Traders in the Netherlands Silver Gulden normally pay sales tax or VAT.

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Silver Ag 910

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Royal Dutch Mint

Pure Silver Content