German Silver Mark

  • Original Release: 1873
  • Purity: 90.0%
  • Denomination: 1 Mark, 3 Mark, 5 Mark
  • Tax Status: No sales tax/VAT
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Buy German Silver Mark coins online. The German Silver Mark was first introduced in 1873; the 1 Mark, which was produced until 1887. Production of the Mark coins continued until 1914 for other denominations- ½ Mark, 3 Mark and the 5 Mark coin. The 3 Mark coin, being the commonest of all, celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of Duke Fredrich II of Anhalt to Princess Marie of Baden.

All the 3 Mark coins of German empire have the same composition and measurements, having a diameter of 33 millimeters and a thickness of 2.50 millimeters. Having a silver purity of .900, the coin has a weight of 16.67 grams. The edge of the coin is engraved with the German Motto “GOTT MIT UNS” which means God with us. The initial 3 Mark coin had its obverse containing two effigies facing the left, one for Duke Fredrick II and one for Princess Marie, with the Duke’s effigy superposed on the Princess’ effigy. The text “ FREDRICH II•MARIE•HERZOG UND HERZOGIN VON ANHALT” runs from the bottom left to the  bottom right. “1889-1914” is inscribed at the bottom of the coin.

The reverse of the German Silver Mark coin features the portrait of Reichsadler of Kaiser William II which consists of a large eagle with its wings outspread, head facing left. A small escutcheon bearing the coat of arms of Prussia is on its breast surrounded by the Chain of the Order of the Black Eagle, an order of chivalry awarded by Prussian monarchs. The eagle is surmounted by the German State Crown, a symbol of the German Empire. The state title- “DEUTSCHES REICH”- is engraved clockwise from the mid-left to the mid-right section of the coin where the year “1914” is inscribed. The text “DREI MARK” runs from the bottom-left to the bottom-right, anticlockwise. Two five-pointed stars are on both ends of the texts separating the inscriptions.

The German Silver Mark coins were minted by the Bavarian Central Mint (BCM) which has been functioning since 1871, its location at Munich. Being a legal tender currency, collectors and investors can buy German Silver Mark coins online free from sales tax or VAT. A german Gold Mark coin is also available from the same mint.

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Silver Ag 900

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Bavarian State Mint

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