Finland Silver Markaa

  • Initial Release: 1864
  • Denominations: 1,10, 50,100,200 Markkas
  • Purity: 90.0%
  • Tax Status: No sales tax
  • Mint: Mint of Finland
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Buy Finland Silver Markaa coins online. The first Finnish Silver Markka (mark) was introduced on 15th October 1864, but not released into general circulation until 1st March 1866. On November 8th 1865, the silver markka became Finland’s legal tender after Finland joined the silver standard. At markka’s first introduction in Finland, the silver coins minted were 25 pennies and 50 pennies, 1 mark and 2 marks. All coins below 1 markka ceased to manufacture in 1948. Since 1956, silver marks of 100 marks and 200 marks were entered into the system and continued to be manufacture before introduction of new markkas in 1963.

For the Suomi Finland markka (1917-1967), the coin had a diameter of 35 millimeters. The markka has an aggregate weight of 23.75 grams and a silver content of 90.0%, having a smooth edge. The obverse of the coin depicts 5 birds, moving from the bottom of the coin toward the top of the coin. The birds have their wings stretched, with two of them leading the others. They are arranged in two columns. At the top of the coin, the texts “SUOMI FINLAND” are engraved with the texts arranged vertically. “SUOMI” is above the text “FINLAND”. The years between which the coin was minted are debossed on the sides of the coin; the first year of production on the top-left side while the final year of production is on the top-right side.

The reverse of the coin portrays images of settlements; some nearer while others are far such that only rooftops are visible. The settlements occupy three-quarters of the coin. The face value of the coin is inscribed at the bottom of the coin. For example, “10 MARKKAA”. The numeral value of the coin is inscribed above the currency. The initials of the designer’s name are inscribed on this side, “S” on the bottom-left side, “H” on the bottom-right side.

The Mint of Finland, the national mint of Finland, which was established in 1860, produced the initial Finnish Silver Markka. Being a legal tender currency, no taxes are imposed. Thus, collectors and investors can buy Finland Silver Markaa coins online free from sales tax or VAT. A Finland Gold Markaa is also available to buy.

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