Argentina Gold Peso

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Weight: 7.26g
  • Mint: Argentine Mint.
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT.
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The Argentina Gold Peso was struck from 1881 to 1896. The coin was minted to be used as a legal tender in the Republic of Argentina. Only a few coins of this version were issued out, which translates to its limited availability in the gold world market today. Generally, the coin joins a list of many other bullion coins. Due to its limited availability and unique design propelled by historical interests is the main point of attraction for gold collectors and investors.

The Argentina Gold Peso comes in denominations of 5 Pesos, which are very rare to find. It spans 22mm wide and 1.5mm in thickness. Furthermore, it has an average weight of 7.26g struck from a metal of 90.0% gold fineness. The actual value of this precious stone is more than its face value. The coin’s worth is determined by the world spot prices of gold. The coins also attract some premium for their historical interest and rarity on top of the gold value. This therefore makes it quite costly to acquire whether by collectors or investors.

The obverse of Argentina Gold Peso is a symbol of unity and freedom. It features a Liberty bust wearing a Phrygian cap. The phrase “LIBERTAD 5 PESOS UN ARGENTINO 9D FINO” surrounds the liberty portrait. The engraver’s last name, Oudine is noted at the bottom right of liberty’s bust. The reverse side of this coin shows a portrait of Argentina national coat of arms. Inside the wreath of this coin, there is a depiction of two joined hands. Around the wreath, the inscription “REPUBLICA ARGENTINA” appears along with the year of issue. This perfect design of the obverse and reverse is what makes collectors attracted to this coin even more.

Argentine Mint dates back to 1774 before Argentina achieved independence. The Argentine government controls it while the Ministry of Economy deals with its subordinate administrative. Its development saw the creation of two mints, one in Buenos Aires which serves as its headquarters and another one in Salta. The one in Buenos Aires was opened on 14 Feb 1881 with Engineer Castillas as its director.


Additional information

Country of Origin



5 Pesos


22.00 mm


Argentine Mint