Russia Gold Rouble

  • Diameter: 22.5mm
  • Weight: 8.6026g
  • Mint: Saint Petersburg Mint
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT.
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The Russia Gold Rouble also known as Russia Gold Chervonetz was issued between 1923 and 1982 to mark the end of Imperial Russia and the start of Soviet Union. It was a legal tender coin in circulation in both Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. It was struck from a 90% gold fineness metal, which makes it have a large traffic.

The Russian Gold Rouble occurs only in one denomination of 10 Roubles. The face value of this coin is not an indication of its actual value. It has a real value that exceeds the nominal value multiple times. The actual value is not constant due to the numerous fluctuations in its demand and its scarcity nature. The price at which it is sold is determined by the world gold spot. It is sought after due to its unique history that adds more premiums to it, which in turn increases its actual value further. The coin spans 22.5mm in width with a thickness of 1.6mm and weighs 8.6026g.

The obverse features the State Emblem of Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR). This emblem features a hammer and a sickle. A wreath of grain frames it and in the background, a rising sun is visible. The inscription “WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!” appears along the rim. The inscription “CCCP” appears below the emblem, which is translated as USSR. The reverse side features a right-facing sower standing with legs apart. His arms are extended to the side to depict seed distribution. At the background of the sower, a plough and a rising sun can be seen. Furthermore, a silhouette of factories with smoking chimneys is also visible in the background. The sower has a basket of seeds in his left hand. The face value of the coin and year of issue appear at the bottom left of the reverse.

Saint Petersburg Mint is one of the largest refineries and oldest industrial enterprises in Russia. It was founded by Peter the Great on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The Mint continues to produce coins, state awards and other official medals in Russia.

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Russian Mint

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Gold Au 900


10 Roubles, 100 Roubles, 15 Roubles, 5 Roubles