Portugal Gold Cruzado

  • Debut Coin: Afonso V
  • Debut Mint: 1457
  • Gold Purity: between .9426 and .990
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT
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The Portugal Gold Cruzado is different from all other gold coins because it has a history with another continent. It was named the cruzado because the rationale for striking it was to fund a crusade to venture into Africa. The coin has over twenty variations.

The first Cruzado was the Afonso V Portugal Gold Cruzado. It first debuted in 1457 and continued being minted until 1481. Its weight is 3.55g and has a dimeter of 22mm. The demonetized coin was struck at a gold purity of .990. The obverse has a crowned shield with the text, “CRVZATVS:ALFOИSI.QUIИTI:REGIS.P” The reverse has a big + sign in the middle while the inscription, “ALFOИSVS:QUIИTI:REGIS.PORTVGA” appears around the edges.

Cruzado – João II was the second Portugal Gold Cruzado. It was struck between 1485 and 1495. It is round in shape, has a gross weight of 3.5g, a 22mm diameter and a fineness of .990. The obverse features a shield in the middle with a cross on top that goes to the top end of the coin and the inscription, “IOHANES:II:R:P:ET:A:D:GVINEE” around it. The reverse has a + in the middle and the text, “IOHANES:II:R:P:ET:A:D:GVINEE” around it. Cruzado – Manuel I was the third release of the Portugal Gold Cruzado and was struck between 1497 and 1521. It weighs 3.5g, is 21mm wide and has a gold purity of .989. The obverse is similar to the preceding cruzados as is the reverse, apart from the inscription, “I:EMΛИVEL:R:P:ET:Λ:D:GVIИE” on the reverse.

Cruzado – João III was then released between 1537 and 1557 with a lower gold fineness of .9426. It had a gross mass of 3.6g and a diameter of 24mm. The obverse features the King’s Arms with a crown and the letters R and L on either side. The text, “IOANES III R PORT” surrounds it from the edges. The text, “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” surrounds the single cross at the center of the coin on the reverse. Investors and collectors can enjoy the variety that the Portugal Gold Cruzado coin offers without paying any form of sales tax or VAT when they trade.

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Lisbon Mint

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Pure Gold Content







Gold Au 917


400 Reis