India Gold Sovereign

  • Diameter: 22.05mm
  • Weight: 7.98g
  • Mint: Bombay Mint
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT
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The India Gold Sovereign was first struck in the year 1918 by a branch of Royal Mint of United Kingdom in the Indian government Mint called Bombay Mint which was established after World War I. During the first year of mintage, 1.3 million coins were struck. India Gold Sovereign coins are usually given out as gifts during ceremonies and occasions such as engagements or child birth as per the tradition in India. They are also a legal tender within all the boundaries and domains of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is one of the most sought-after gold coins due to its rarity since they were minted for only one year.

The India Gold Sovereign coin comes in denominations of 5, 10 and 20. It weighs 7.98g with a width of 22.05mm and 1.50mm in thickness. It also has a gold purity level of 91.67%. They get their true market value from the intrinsic gold content they have which is determined by the world spot prices of gold that keep fluctuating depending with the demand. This, in turn means that their face values do not reflect their actual value.

The obverse of India Gold Sovereign depicts the portrait of King George V, Emperor of India facing to the left. Around this visage the Latin inscription “George V King of Great Britain and Emperor of India”. The reverse side has a depiction of St. George holding a sword in the right hand on the back of a horse slaying the dreaded monster dragon. On this depiction St. George is naked with no shoes but only a helmet on. The year of mintage is inscribed at the bottom of this reverse side with the initials B.P alongside it. The initials represent Benedetto Pistrucci who is the designer of this coin.

The India Gold Sovereign coin is a product of Bombay Mint struck in 1918 after World War II. The coin is a member of the Gold British Sovereign family of coins. The mint operated for only one year before it was closed down by the main Royal Mint having minted 1.3 million coins.

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