Belgium Gold Franc

  • Debut release: 1834
  • Weight: 5.81 grams
  • Gold purity: .900
  • Tax status: No sales tax or VAT
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The Belgium Gold Franc coin comes in three variations and is sales tax or VAT exempt. They were minted in denominations of 20 Belgian Francs. The Belgium Gold Franc made its debut in 1834, as Belgian legal tender and only became bullion following the introduction of the Euro in 2002. However, minting had already stopped in 1914 after Belgium the country moved from the gold standard.

The first set of the 20-Franc Belgium Gold Franc coin was struck between 1834 and 1865 during the rule of King Leopold I. it weighed in at 5.81 grams with a gold purity of .900. Their intermittent minting was from 1834 to 1841 before resuming in 1965. Its obverse had King Leopold I’s effigy facing right with the text, “LEOPOLD PREMIER ROI DES BELGES”. The reverse has oak leaves around it with the year below the “20 FRANCS” face value and the text, “DIEU PROTEGE LA BELGIQUE” towards the edge bar.

The second set was issued between 1867 and 1882 during Leopold II’s reign. They have similar qualities as the first set and are the most common having been minted in their millions. However, the design features on this second set vary depending on the year. The outer edge of the obverse has the texts, ““LEOPOLD II” and “ROI DES BELGES” while the mint year is at the bottom. The reverse has Belgium’s coat of arms with the text, ““L’UNION FAIT LA FORCE”, 20”, “FR” and “DIEU PROTEGE LA BELGIQUE”.

The 20 Belgian Gold Franc coin issued during the reign of Albert I is also known as the “Albert Military”. It was only struck in 1914 with a mintage of about 250,000 coins. Its weight and purity were the same as those of its predecessors. The obverse has King Albert I’s left-side portrait adorned in military uniform and the text, “ALBERT ROI DES BELGES”. The revers has Belgium’s coat of arms with the year below it and the texts, “20” and “F” to the left and right sides respectively. The engraver’s inscription, “G.DEVREESE” and, the text, “DIEU PROTEGE LA BELGIQUE” are also on the reverse.

Additional information


Royal Belgian Mint

Country of Origin





12.9032 gm, 17.15 gm, 3.1662 gm, 6.4516 gm, 7.9155 gm

Pure Gold Content

0.0916 Troy oz, 0.1867 Troy oz, 0.2291 Troy oz, 0.3734 Troy oz, 0.4963 Troy oz




Gold Au 900


16.50 mm, 21.50 mm, 22.50 mm, 27.00 mm, 29.00 mm


10 Francs, 20 Francs, 25 Francs, 40 Francs, 50 Francs