Austrian Gold Ducat

  • Dimensions: 0.8mm thick; 20mm diameter
  • Mint: Austrian Mint
  • Gold fineness: 98.6 percent
  • Tax status: No sales tax or VAT
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The oldest record of the Austrian Gold Ducat available indicates that they were first struck in 1612 by the Kingdom of Austria. However, they are likely to have emerged much earlier. Their production is an inspiration of the medieval European coinage. They depict the tradition and history of ancient Europe from the Austrian perspective making them popular among collectors.

In comparison to most modern gold coins, the Austrian Gold Ducat coins are considerably thinner at a mere 0.8 millimeters. Conversely, its width is bigger than that of many modern European gold coins at 20 millimeters. The gross weight of the Austrian Gold Ducat is 3.44 grams. It has been described as one of the richest coins in terms of gold content with a purity of 98.6 percent.

The obverse of the Austrian Gold Ducat has the shoulder-size effigy of the Austrian Emperor and the last one to be featured was Franz Josef I. Some the versions of this coin feature a younger portrait. In both cases, the effigy faces to the right and his thick moustache is evident as is the laurel wreath adorning his head. The inscription, “FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR” runs clockwise from the bottom-left corner of the coin where the Emperor’s shoulder is to the bottom-right corner of the coin. The reverse contains the coat of arms of Austria appearing on an imperial eagle with double heads and crowned. Above it, one can see the Holy Roman Emperors’ crown designed by the House of Habsburg. The inscription, “LOD ILL REX A A” and year of mint appear running clockwise from bottom to top on the left side of the coat of arms. On the right side and running clockwise from the top to the bottom is the text, “HUNGAR BOHEM GAL”.

The Austrian Gold Ducat was minted by the Austrian Mint situated in Vienna. The Mint was founded in 1194. It is a subsidiary of Oesterreichische Nationalbank the central bank of Austria from 1989 when it became a public limited company. Trading in the Austrian Gold Ducat is free from sales tax or VAT.

Additional information


Austrian Mint

Country of Origin





13.96 gm, 3.49 gm

Pure Gold Content

0.1105 Troy oz, 0.4427 Troy oz




Gold Au 986


19.50 mm, 39.50 mm


1 Ducat, 4 Ducat