Slovakia Silver Euro

  • Appearance: 2009
  • Denominations: 10 and 20 euros
  • Silver Fineness: 90.0%
  • Mint: Kremnica Mint
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Buy Slovakia Silver Euro coins online. The Slovakia Silver Euro was introduced on 1st January 2009. The silver coins introduced were the 10 euros and 20 euros. These coins have legal tender only in Slovakia unlike the normal issues of the Slovak euro coins, which have a legal tender in every country of the Eurozone. Furthermore, as their bullion value generally exceeds their face value, these coins are not intended to be used as means of payment ta all-although it remains possible. For this reason, they are usually named collector’s coins. The euro is denoted as €.

For the 10 Silver euro, it has a diameter of 34 millimeters (1.34 inches) and a weight of 18 grams. It has a silver purity of 90.0% and the rest 10% is copper. The obverse side of the coin depicts a turbo generator of that time, above which is the national emblem of Slovakia. The emblem has a double cross standing on the middle of a mountain consisting of three peaks; Tatra, Fatra and Matra. The name of the state, ”SLOVENSKO”, is placed slanted in the lower-left part of coin, with the year 2009.  The nominal value of 10 EURO is shown beneath the turbo generator; the number “10” is placed horizontally and the word “EURO” is slanted line to its right.

The reverse of the Slovakia Silver Euro coin shows a portrait of Aurel Stodola in the coin center. Aurel faces forward with the head slightly tilted to the right. The right of the portrait is a pair of compasses of time, with its arms spread open. The name and surname, “AUREL STODOLA”, are placed parallel to compasses’ arms. On the lower left side of the coin, the years of his birth and death 1859-1952, appear in two slanted lines. The styled initials of the coin designer Miroslav Ronai, “MR”, are placed near the bottom edge of the coin.

Kremnica Mint which was founded in the year 1328 minted the first silver euro. The National Bank of Slovakia is the distributor of the coin. Being a legal tender currency, collectors and investors can buy Slovakia Silver Euro coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT. There is also a Gold Solvakian Euro coin available from the same mint.

Additional information


National Bank of Slovakia

Country of Origin





18.00 gm

Pure Silver Content

0.5208 Troy oz




34.00 mm


Silver Ag 900