Slovakia Gold Euro

  • Diameter: 26.0mm
  • Weight: 9.50g
  • Mint: Kremnica Mint
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT.
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The Slovakia Gold Euro is a commemorative coin first issued in 2010. These coins commemorate the anniversaries of historical events or draw attention to current events of special importance. They are a legal tender accepted only in Slovakia and not in any other country. The already issued coins commemorate wooden churches issued in 2010, Nitra Prince Pribina issued in 2011, Charles III and Maximilian issued in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Others include Ratislav issued in 2014, Primeval Beech Forests in 2015, Maria Theresa in 2016, and the Karst in 2017.

The Slovakia Gold Euro occurs in denominations of 100 Euros. Slovakia Gold Euro has a diameter of 26.0 millimeters and a gross weight of 9.50 grams. This coin has a gold fineness of 90.0 percent. It is a great bullion coin for both investors and coin collectors and they are not required to pay sales tax or VAT for trading in it.

The obverse of Slovakia Gold Euro varies depending on the commemoration the coin depicts. For example, the coin commemorating the Karst was issued in 2017. It features the national emblem in its obverse. The country’s name “SLOVENSKO” is also visible and the year of issue. At the center of the obverse, a depiction of the surface of small cave lake and ripples caused by water dripping from a stalactite. It also features a depiction of the white cave-dwelling crustacean. The reverse side features an image of a flying bat in front of a cave. The face value 100 EURO also appears on this side in two lines. The inscription, “CAVES OF SLOVAK KARST” and, “WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE” encircle the bat and the coin value.

Kremnica Mint, which is responsible for minting Slovakia Gold Euro, is a state-owned mint situated in Kremnica, Slovakia. It was established in 1328 and is known as Mincovňa Kremnica in Slovak. Its establishment followed the promotion of Kremnica into a free royal town by King Charles Robert of Anjou of Hungary. The Mint manufactures both circulation coins and commemorative coins for the National Bank of Slovakia. It has also struck coins for some twenty-five other countries.

Additional information


National Bank of Slovakia

Country of Origin





9.50 gm

Pure Gold Content

0.2748 Troy oz




26.00 mm


Gold Au 900