Russia Silver Rouble

  • Denominations: 5, 10,20, 50 and 100 rubles
  • Purity 90.0%
  • Mint(s): Moscow and Saint Petersburg
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Buy Russia Silver Rouble coins online. The Russian Silver Rouble (Ruble) has been used in Russian territories since the 13th century. In 1992, the Russian Federation introduced new coins. The coins were issued by the Bank of Russia. The Ruble was the world’s first decimal currency. The coins introduced in 1992 were in denominations of, 5, 10,20, 50 and 100 rubles. As high inflation persisted in Russia, the lowest denominations. Hugo Salinas Price said that the Russian Silver Rouble to be monetized would contain ½ ounce of pure silver. The rouble sign is ₽.

For the 1909 1 rouble, it has a diameter of 33.65 millimeters and a thickness of 2.7 millimeters. The gross weight of the coin is 20 grams. It has a silver purity of 90.0%. The coin has a smooth edge with the inscription “ЧИСТАГО СЕРЕБРА 4 ЗОЛОТНИКА 21 ДОЛѦ (Э•Б)” whose meaning is: Pure Silver 4 Zolotniks 21 dolyas (A• G). The obverse of the coin depicts the effigy of Emperor Nikolai II. The bearded emperor faces the left of the coin. The text “Б.М.НИКОЛАЙ II ИМПЕРАТОРЪ” is inscribed on the left of the coin from the bottom-left to the top-left.  On the right side of the coin, the inscription “И САМОДЕРЖЕЦЪ ВСЕРОСС.”  Runs from the top-right towards the bottom-right. the entire text on the obverse translates to “By God’s grace Nikolai II Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia.”

The reverse of the Russia Silver Rouble coin features the Russian coat of arms, a two-headed eagle with a crown above. The crown stands for the unity and sovereignty of Russia. The orb and scepter grasped in the eagle’s talons are traditional heraldic symbols of sovereign power and authority. Extending from the bottom-left to the bottom-right, counterclockwise, is the text “РУБЛЬ 1909 Г” whose translation is Rouble and the year of coinage; for example, “1909” for the 1909 version.

The Moscow Mint and Saint Petersburg Mint produced the Rouble. The Moscow Mint dates to many centuries back but founding the modern enterprise in 1942. Saint Petersburg was established in 1724. Being a legal tender currency, collectors and investors can buy Russia Silver Rouble coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT. There is also a Gold Rouble available to purchase.

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Silver Ag 900


10 Roubles, 100 Roubles, 15 Roubles, 5 Roubles