Isle of Man Silver Pegasus

  • Introduced: 2017
  • Silver Fineness: 99.9%
  • Mint: Pobjoy Mint
  • Tax Status: No sales tax
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Buy Isle of Man Silver Pegasus coins online. The Isle of Man Silver Pegasus was initially issued in the year 2017. It is among the popular Pegasus bullion coins series minted on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. Coinage is still in progress of other Silver Pegasus coins. The Isle of Man Silver Pegasus comes in 1 dollar denomination. The coin is produced to Proof Reverse standard meaning it will have a frosted finish.

The first silver Pegasus coin to be minted had the following details. It has a diameter of 38.60 millimeters. The 1 ounce coin has a gross weight of 31.103 grams with a silver fineness of .999. The coin comes in a protective plastic. The obverse of the coin features the Greek mythological heroes, Pegasus and Athena. Pegasus is the winged god-horse whose name derives from the Greek word pêgê, meaning ‘of the spring’ and it is this time of the year that the Pegasus constellation will be seen in the sky. Athena is an important goddess of a number of things -wisdom, law and justice, mathematics, strategy. She is known for her skill in tactical warfare. Athena is viewed standing beside the horse facing the left while holding the horse’s tongue-tie, the horse facing the left. Below the portrait of Athena and the horse, “Ag.999.1 OUNCE” from left to right. At the bottom of the inner circle of the coin, the face value, “ONE DOLLAR” is inscribed moving in a counterclockwise direction from the left to the right.

The image of Queen Elizabeth II s depicted on the reverse of the Isle of Man Silver Pegasus coin. She is crowned facing the right side of the coin. Between the inner and outer circle of the coin are the texts “BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS QUEEN ELIZABETH II 2017” which run from the bottom-left of the coin to the bottom-right of the coin. The right side of the coin is brighter than the left side of the coin.

The Pobjoy Mint, established in 1965, with its headquarters in Tadworth, United Kingdom mints the Isle of Man Silver Pegasus coins – they are also manufacture the Isle of Man Silver Angel plus many other renowned bullion coins. Being a legal tender currency, both collectors and investors can buy Isle of Man Silver Pegasus coins online are free from sales tax or VAT.

Additional information


Silver Ag 999

Country of Origin

Isle of Man




38.61 mm


Pobjoy Mint

Pure Silver Content

1 Troy oz








31.103 gm