British Gold Year Of The Horse

  • Minted: 2014
  • Mint: Royal Mint
  • Gold content: 31.104 t/oz (.9999 pure)
  • Sales Tax: None
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The British Gold Year Of The Horse coin is one of the five series of coins belonging to the Lunar series of the British coin. These British bullion coins were minted and issued from 2014 by the British Royal Mint in subsequent order. Each of the five bullion coins represents a commemoration of the Chinese New Year, which is basically the festival called the Spring Festival to celebrate the commencement of a new year of the Chinese calendar. Each of these coins features a Chinese zodiac animal. Thus, in the case of the British Gold Year Of The Horse, it features the horse.

The British Gold Year Of The Horse is a 100 British pound coin made of gold. It has a weight of 31.21 grams and a diameter of 32.69 millimeters. With a gold purity of 0.9999, this limited mintage coin has a gold content of 31.104 at 1 t/oz. This means that the bullion coin is a 24-carat, 100 percent gold coin and not alloy.

The design of the British Gold Year Of The Horse is the work of Wuon-Gean Ho, a British Chinese artist. The obverse of the coin is dominated by the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II facing to the right and surrounded by the inscription, “ELIZABETH II D G REG FID DEF”, which runs clockwise towards the top. The inscription, “100 POUNDS” runs clockwise at the bottom below the effigy’s neckline. The inscription, “IRB”, is right beneath the neckline of the effigy. On the other hand, the reverse has a galloping horse that is facing to the left with Oxfordshire-based Uffington Horse’s chalk carving beneath it. The inscription, “YEAR OF THE HORSE 2014” appears around the head of the horse and runs clockwise. Beneath the inscriptions, “HORSE” and “2014) is the inscription, “1 OZ FINE GOLD 999.9” running clockwise as well.

Investment in the British Gold Year Of The Horse is a sound decision since it is a limited edition coin with constrained minting quantities. Trading in this bullion coin does not attract sales tax. Finally, the net earnings are in excess of GPB 1,000.

Additional information


The Royal Mint

Country of Origin

United Kingdom




31.21 gm

Pure Gold Content

1 Troy oz




32.69 mm


999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold