Sweden Silver Kroner

  • Introduced: 1873
  • Denominations: 1-, 2-, 5-,10-, 20 Krona
  • Tax status: No sales tax
  • Issuer: Sveriges Riksbank
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Buy Sweden Silver Kroner coins online. The Swedish Silver Kroner also referred to as the Krona (plural: Kronor) was released between 1873 and 1876. The name Krona translates to crown. The first to be introduced were the 1 Krona and 2 Krona were introduced. In 1954, 1955 and 1971, the five-krona silver coins were produced; with similar designs as the contemporary 1- and 2 silver Krona. The other denominations were the 10 and 20 Krona. All the old Krona coins became invalid since 2017 and therefore cannot be used for payments nor can they be exchanged for legal tender in any bank and are instead instructed to be recycled as a metal.

The commonly used Krona is the 1 Krona. For the coin minted in 1910 to 1942, it has a diameter of 25 millimeters and a thickness of 1 millimeter. It has a gross weight of 7.5 grams with a silver purity of 80.0%. The obverse of the coin features the effigy of King Gustav V facing the left side. Gustav V was the King of Sweden from 1907 to 1950. The coin has the text “GUSTAF V SVERIGES KONUNG” is inscribed along the rim of the coin starting from the bottom-left to the bottom-left. At the bottom of the coin is the year of coinage. For example, “1924” for the 1924 coin. The date is between two mint marks of the minting company.

The reverse of the Sweden Silver Kroner coin contains a crowned ornate coat of arms of Sweden which is circled by the Seraphim Order Chain.  At the periphery of the coin is the inscription “MED FOLKET FÖR” which is on the left side of the coin running from the bottom-left to the top-left. ”FOSTERLANDET” is engraved on the right side of the coin; from the top-right to the bottom-right which is the text is the King’s motto. The chain divides the value of the coin at the bottom of the coin: 1 on the left Kr.

The legal issuer and distributor of the coin was the Sveriges Riksbank which is the world’s oldest central bank. Traders of the coin can buy Sweden Silver Kroner coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT. A Gold Swedish Kroner coin is also available from the same mint.

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Swedish Mint

Country of Origin







800.0, 900.0




Silver Ag 800, Silver Ag 900


1 Kroner, 10 Kroner, 2 Kroner, 20 Kroner, 5 Kroner, 50 Kroner