Silver America The Beautiful Quarter

  • Introduction: 2010
  • Purity: 99.9%
  • Tax Status: Tax free
  • Mint: United States Mint
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Buy Silver America The Beautiful Quarter coins online. The Silver America the Beautiful Quarter comprises of a series of bullion coin with a face value of a quarter a dollar. The coins contain five troy ounces of silver, making them the largest silver bullion coins ever issued in America. The coin has been issued since 2010. The design of the coin duplicates exactly-though enlarged-each of the America the Beautiful Quarters.

The 5 t/oz coin has a diameter of 76.2 millimeters and a thickness of 3.25 millimeters. The coin has a plain edge with inscriptions and it weighs 155.5 grams.  The coin has a silver purity of 99.9%. The obverse of the coin, designed by John Flanagan, features the portrait of George Washington facing the left side of the coin. He was the founding father of United State who also served as the first president. The text “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is inscribed from the mid-left section of the coin to the mid-right side of the coin. The word “LIBERTY” is debossed on the bottom-left side of the coin. The text “IN GOD WE TRUST” is engraved on the mid-right side of the coin. the face value of the coin, “QUARTER DOLLAR”, is inscribed at the bottom of the coin. The mint mark, “P”, is on the bottom-right of the coin.

The reverse of the Silver America The Beautiful Quarter coin portrays a buffalo on the Yellowstone National park standing facing on the ground. Beside the buffalo is an explosion. Another buffalo is near the explosion, on the right side of the coin. On the rear side of the buffalo, mountainous landscape is visible. The name “YELLOWSTONE” is inscribed at the top of the coin from the top-left curving towards the top-right. The text “WYOMING” is inscribed at the bottom-left of the coin, in a counterclockwise direction. The year of coinage is engraved at the bottom of the coin. The motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” is inscribed from the bottom-right to the mid-right side of the coin.

United States Mint does the coinage of the Silver America the Beautiful Quarter. Both collectors and investors can buy Silver America The Beautiful Quarter coins online free from sales tax or VAT.

Additional information


United States Mint

Country of Origin

United States


America The Beautiful


155.36 gm

Pure Silver Content

5 Troy oz




24.26 mm


999 fine silver