Norway Silver Kroner

  • Norway Silver Kroner coin was first minted in 1875
  • The last minting was in 1919
  • Minter: The Royal Norwegian Mint (Den Kongelige Mynt)
  • Denominations: 10, 25, and 50 øres and kronor 1 and 2
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The Norway Silver Kroner coin has been minted since 1875 when the Scandinavian countries agreed to a common currency until 1920 when it was replaced with the cupro-nickel. The lower denominations in silver are the 10, 25, and 50 øres, which were also minted until 1919.

The 1 krone and 2 kroner coins were minted in silver from 1875 until 1917 and from 1878 to 1917 respectively. While the krone 1 coin has not been invalidated, it was replaced with the cupro-nickel in 1925 with a hole since 1925 to 1951 before being revised in 1997. However, the 2 kroner coin remained in silver until 1917 since its first minting in 1878 and was invalidated in 1922. The krone 1 silver-colored coin’s weight is 4.35 grams while its diameter is 21 millimeters.

The weights of the 10, 25, and 50 øres are 1.45, 2.42, and 5 grams respectively. In the order listed as well, these Norwegian silver kroners have average silver weights of about 0.0186, 0.0467, and 0.096 oz each. Both the 25 and 50 øre coins have a silver fineness of 0.600 while the 10 øre coin has a comparatively lower fineness of 0.400. The diameter of the 10 øre silver coin is 15 millimeters while the 25 and 50 øre coins are 17 and 22.1 millimeters respectively. The obverses and reverses of the various Norway Silver Kroner coins vary depending on the mint year and denomination with some like the 50 øre featuring an effigy of OSCAR II NORGES and others like the 10 øre coin having only a crown.

The Norway Silver Kroner were minted exclusively by the Den Kongelige Mynt or The Royal Norwegian Mint, which has since been renamed to Det Norske Myntverket (The Norwegian Mint) after its acquisition on a 50% to 50% share basis by the Mint of Finland and Samlerhuset. This was after Norges Bank (The Central Bank of Norway) assumed the Mint’s ownership in 2001 and privatized it before selling it to the two entities. Coin collectors and investors intending to exchange any Norwegian silver kroner coin are not required to pay sales tax or VAT.

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The Royal Norwegian Mint

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400.0, 600.0