Mexico Silver Peso

  • Original Release: 1863
  • Denominations: 1 peso, 2 peso, 5 peso, 10 peso, 20 peso
  • Purity: 72.0%
  • Mint: La Casa de Moneda de México
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Buy Mexico Silver Peso coins online. The first issue of the Mexican Silver Peso (MXP) was issued in 1863 which was made of coins denominated in centavos, worth one hundredth of the peso. In 1866, coins denominated “one peso” were produced. The Mexican peso remained to be one of the most stable currencies in Latin America. The Mexican peso comes in various denominations; 1 peso, 2 peso, 5 peso, 10 peso, and 20 peso.

The 1 peso coin is the most common denomination. With its milled edge, it has a diameter of 34.5 millimeters and a thickness of 2.4 millimeters. The silver fineness of the coin is 72.0%. It weighs 16.6 grams. The obverse of the coin portrays the Mexican coat of arms, a Mexican golden eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus with its wings open, facing the right, devouring a rattlesnake. The portrait is surrounded by a holm oak, branch on one side, a laurel branch on the other. the purity of the coin is separated by the eagle’s head; “0.7” on the left side, “20” on the right. The text “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS” is inscribed on the coin, running from the mid-left section of the coin to the mid-right direction of the coin in a clockwise manner. On the bottom, two nopals crossing each other; one on the bottom left, the other on the bottom right, are inscribed.

The reverse of the Mexico Silver Peso features a radiant cap, with rays projecting from it. The rays at the top are shorter compared to the rays at the bottom of the cap. At the center of the cap, the text “LIBERTAD” is engraved. Below the beam at the center of the cap, the letter “M” is inscribed. The face value, “UN PESO”, is below the rays projecting from the cap. The year of production is inscribed below the face value; example, “1923”. Two wreaths, one from the left of the coin while the other is from the right side, cross each other at the bottom-center of the coin.

Established in 1535, La Casa de Moneda de México minted the peso.  Traders of the coin can Buy Mexico Silver Peso coins online free from sales tax or VAT. There is also a Gold Mexican Peso available to purchase from the same mint.

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Mexican Mint

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1.50 gm, 1.87 gm, 15.00 gm, 3.75 gm, 37.50 gm, 7.50 gm

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1 Peso, 10 Pesos, 2 Pesos, 20 Pesos, 25 Pesos, 5 Pesos, 50 Pesos