Italy Silver Lire

  • Appearance: 1861
  • Denominations: 1 lira, 2 lire, 5 lire, 10 lire,20 lire, 50 lirelire,100 lire, 200 lire, 500 lire and 1000 lire.
  • Tax Status: No sales tax
  • Mint: Istituto Poligrafico e dello Stato
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Buy Italy Silver Lire coins online. The Italian lire was the currency of Italy between 1861 and 2002. It was officially made a subunit of the euro between 1999 to 2002. From 1807 to 1814, the currency was used by the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy. The coins that were still being minted for circulation even after the changeover to euro included: 1 lira, 2 lire, 5 lire, 10 lire,20 lire, 50 lire, 100 lire, 200 lire, 500 lire and 1000 lire.

The commonly used coin is the hundred lire coin, which was reduced in size in 1990 but completely redesigned in 1993. The mid-sized coin is made of stainless steel. It has a shiny luster with little visible wear, 36 years of age. It has a diameter 27.8 millimeters and a thickness of 2.0 millimeters; weighing 8 grams.  The obverse has the image of a young girl facing the left side, whose bottom hair is braided near the edges. The text, “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”, which means Republic of Italy, runs from the bottom-left side of the coin towards the bottom-right of the coin. The name of the designer is engraved at the bottom-center of the coin, below the effigy. Almost a tenth of the coin, at the bottom-center of the observe is dark, extending from the lower part of the neck of the young girl.

The reverse side of the Italy Silver Lire coin has a portrait of a cow nursing a calf, with the cow facing down as if grazing. It has a rough surface where the face value of the coin is inscribed; “100” opposite the hind part of the cow with the word “LIRE” below the face value. The text, “NUTRIRE IL MONDO” is on the top-center of the coin. The text means “feed the world”. At the bottom-center, “FAO” is inscribed which stands for the Food and Agricultural Organization. The year “1979” is inscribed opposite the right hind limb of the calf.  Letter “R” is engraved on the mid-left section of the coin.

Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, founded in 1928, served as the mint. Investors and collectors can buy Italy Silver Lire coins online free from sales tax or VAT. A Gold Lire Coin is also available from the same mint.

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