Isle of Man Platinum Angel

  • Manufacturer: Pobjoy Mint, UK
  • Platinum Purity: 999
  • Year: 2010
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Why would any collector want to invest in the Isle of Man Platinum Angel coin? Answer: Because the coin is a combination of rich history and novelty that is virtually unmatched. The coin features a stunning Michael the Archangel design and is one of only 500 of its kind. The first British Isle of Man Angel coins were issued in 1489, but 2010 was the first time that such a coin was issued in Platinum. The Isle of Man Platinum Angel coin was struck at the Pobjoy Mint from .999 fine platinum.

Manufacturing, tourism and financial services form the key sectors of the Isle of Man economy. The government offers incentives and low taxes to hi-tech companies and banks to locate on the island. While this has paid off in expanding employment opportunities in high-income industries, fishing, and agriculture, one time the mainstays of the economy have declined in the contribution to GDP.

The obverse of the Isle of Man Platinum Angel features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, arguably the longest reigning monarch in British History with a tiara wrapped on her head. The Pobjoy Mint exclusive image ensured the Queen’s portrait was larger than other images appearing from other countries and territories. The inscription on the rim reads: “ELIZABETH II ISLE OF MAN 2010.” On the reverse of the coin is an image of Michael the Archangel. His powerful biceps are on full display and he dons only a loincloth while protecting himself with his shield as he slays a dragon, long symbol of Satan.

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Isle of Man




Pobjoy Mint

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