Hungary Silver Korona

  • Introduction: 1892
  • Denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 100 korona
  • Tax Status: No sales tax
  • Mint: Kremnica Mint
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Buy Hungary Silver Korona coins online. The Hungarian Silver Korona was introduced in 1892 according to a plan drawn up by the then Minister of Finance, Sándor Wekerle. The Korona is also known as the Krone. It had several denominations-1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 100 korona. The Hungarian Korona was devalued by hyperinflation, due to the consequences of World War I and the Treaty of Trianon; which was the peace agreement of 1920 that officially ended World War I. The Korona was replaced by the Hungarian pengő on 21st January 1927. The korona was denoted as “K”.

The 1K Hungarian Silver coin, which was the first to be coined. It had a diameter of 23.0 millimeters and a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. It weighed 5 grams and had a silver purity of 83.5%. The obverse features a laureate head of Franz Joseph I- who was the empire of Austria- facing the right. Along the rim of the coin, the text “FERENCZ JÓZSEF I•K•A• CS•ÉS M•H•S•D•O•AP•KIR•” is inscribed from the bottom-left to the bottom-right in a clockwise direction.  At the bottom of the coin, the initials of the minting company of the coin are inscribed; “K.B”.

The reverse of the Silver Korona depicts the Holy Crown of Hungary known as the Crown of Saint Stephen which was the coronation crown used by the kingdom of Hungary for most of its existence. The crown’s shape is elliptical and is larger than a healthy human head. The lower part of the crown is asymmetrical. The value of the coin is inscribed below the crown; with the numeric value immediately below the crown, for example “1” for the 1 Korona coin, while “KORONA” below the numeric value. Two wreaths, one from the right side of the coin and the other from the left of the coin cross each other and are tied together at the point of crossing.

Established in 1328, Kremnica Mint which is a state-owned mint situated in Kremnica, coined the Korona. Formerly known as Körmöcbánya Mint. Collectors and investors can buy Hungary Silver Korona coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT. A Hungarian Gold Korona is also available from the same mint.

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1 Korona, 2 Korona, 5 Korona