Denmark Silver Kroner

  • Introduced: 1875
  • Denominations: 1 Krone, 2 Krone, 5 Kroner.
  • Tax Status: No sales tax imposed.
  • Mint: Royal Mint of Denmark
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Buy Denmark Silver Kroner coins online. The first Denmark Silver Krone (plural: kroner) was issued in the year 1875. The coin was minted in 1875, 1876,1892 and 1898. The second silver Krone was issued in 1915 and 1916. The Krone has been the official currency of Denmark. It is also referred to as the Danish Crown in English since Krone means “crown”. The denominations of the Krone were; 1 Krone,2 Krone and 5 Kroner.

The first Krone coin to be issued has the following specifications: a diameter of 25 millimeters. It has a gross weight of 7.5 grams. The silver fineness of the coin is the .800. The second silver Krone still had the same specifications as the first one. The effigy of King Christian IX of Denmark l was featured on its obverse. He was the king of Denmark from 1863 until his death in 1906. The king faces the left side of the coin. On the left side of the coin,”CHRISTIAN IX” which runs from the bottom-left to the top-left. This simply is the King’s name. “KONGE AF DANMARK” is inscribed on the right side of the coin, which translates to “King of Denmark”. At the bottom-center of the coin, the year of coining is engraved. For example, “1875”. On the right side of the year of mintage, a small heart-like shape is engraved. This is the mint mark.

The Danish coat of arms is featured on the reverse side of the Denmark Silver Kroner coin. The coat of arms has the King’s crown on top. A shield with three lions arranged vertically, with three hearts; one on the left side, the other at the top-center of the coin and the other on right side of the lion. The image of a dolphin is engraved on the left side of the coin; moving in a counterclockwise direction. On the right side is a husky plant which is in a pod-like structure. At the bottom of the coin, the face value is engraved; for example,“2 KRONER”.

The Royal Mint of Denmark founded in the 16th century manufactured the coin. There is also a Gold Denmark Kroner coin available. Traders, investors and collectors of the coin can buy Denmark Silver Kroner coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT.

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Copenhagen Mint

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Pure Silver Content







Silver Ag 800


1 Kroner, 10 Kroner, 2 Kroner, 5 Kroner