British Silver Year Of The Sheep

  • Manufacturer: Royal British Mint
  • Weight: 1 oz of Silver
  • Purity: .999
  • Face Value: 2 GBP
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In Chinese mythology, sheep and goat represent solidarity, calmness, and harmony. People born in the year of the sheep are mild-mannered, imaginative, shy and polite, not to mention having good taste. On the downside, they’re sometimes unrealistic, short-sighted a slow-witted. The last year of the sheep was 2015 and the next will be 2027. So to commemorate this auspicious occasion, the Royal British Mint issued a 1 oz Year of the Sheep Silver Coin as the latest addition to its renowned Shengxiao collection.

This beautiful coin has been skilfully crafted from 1 troy oz .999 silver and boasts a face value of 2 GBP. For bulk orders, not only are the coins guaranteed to be in brilliant uncirculated condition but will also arrive in individual plastic coin flips or mint-sealed tubes of 20 coins. The artwork for the British Silver Year of the Sheep, by Wuon-Gean Ho, is a harmonious fusion of both Western and Eastern cultures.

The obverse of the British Silver Year Of The Sheep coin displays a pair of two male sheep, fixedly eyeing each other as they prepare to lock horns in front of a shadowy forest. With its smooth flowing lines and simplified details, the coin features many of the aesthetics linked to Asian Art. In addition, the integration of the “She” or the Chinese symbol for sheep appears between the two sheep. The artist has also engraved, as a final touch, “Year of the Sheep” near the upper edge of the coin, along with its mintage year of 2015.

The reverse of the Silver Year Of The Sheep coin displays an inspiring demonstration of British pride with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, attired in her iconic tiara and also emphasizing Britain’s devotion to its monarchy is the ring of text that circles the portrait: “Reg Fi Def.” Which translates into “Queen by the Grace of God?” The sheep (or goat) is the 8th animal in the lunar cycle and is seen as a particularly lucky number as the number 8 symbolizes peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. The goat is also thought to bring growth and harmony. Artist Ho started the Shengxiao Collection with a strong coin for the Year of the Horse and will go on to complete a series of 12 coins, all-embracing the traditions of the Chinese New Year with a contemporary British twist. This coin, which is her second design, is a great way to continue your collection.

Additional information


The Royal Mint

Country of Origin

United Kingdom




31.21 gm

Pure Silver Content

1 Troy oz




38.61 mm


999 fine silver