Austrian Silver Philharmonic

  • Introduction: 2008
  • Silver Purity: 99.9%
  • Tax Status: No sales tax
  • Mint: Austrian Mint
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Buy Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins online. The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a bullion coin produced annually by the Austrian Government as a commemorative coin. It was first minted in the year 2008 until now. It is the highest minted and most well-known silver bullion coin from Europe. It is sold as a mass-produced investment coin. It is a legal tender currency in Austria with a face value of 1.50 euros. It is a 1 troy ounce coin. The coins are distributed in cases of 500 coins each, containing 25 plastic tubes which house 20 coins each.

The Silver Philharmonic coin has the following specifications – a diameter of 37.00 millimeters and a thickness of 3.2 millimeters. With its smooth edge, it has a gross weight of 31.103 grams. The silver purity of the coin is 99.9%. Designed by Thomas Pesendorfer, the obverse of the coin features a pipe organ from within the Musikverein, a concert hall in the Innere Stadt borough of Vienna. This is where the actual Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays its music. The German words “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” are inscribed from the mid-left side to the mid-right section of the coin, in an anticlockwise direction. The text translates to: Republic of Asia. ”1 UNZE FEINSILBER” is engraved under the organ pipe., which means 1 ounce pure silver. Below the text, the year of mintage is inscribed.  For example, “2011”. The face value of the coin is at the bottom coin, “1.50 EURO”.

The reverse design features an array of music instruments such as the harp, violin, cello, flute, bassoon and French horn. The instruments occupy almost two-thirds of the reverse side. The words “WIENER PHILHARMONIKER” are inscribed from the mid-left side of the coin to the mid-right side of the coin. The words are translated to Vienna Philharmonic. At the top-center of the Silver Philharmonic coin, the text “SILBER” is engraved which basically mean silver.

The Austrian Mint, located in Vienna and is responsible for minting Austrian coins, the Silver Philharmonic coins being one of them. Since 1989, it has been a public limited company. Traders; both collectors and investors of the coin are exempt from sales tax or VAT and can buy Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins online and the Gold Philharmonic coin from a number of renowned dealers, mints and manufacturers.

Additional information


Austrian Mint

Country of Origin





31.07 gm

Pure Silver Content

1 Troy oz




Silver Ag 999


37.00 mm